Paddle Down da Bayou 2018

Sponsored by Terrebonne Advocates for Possibilities

When: Saturday, April 7, 2018 Time: 8 AM (add event to your calendar)

Where: Chauvin, LA, at a privately owned Camp (LLMAP) about 0.6 mi below Toussant Foret Bridge on Hwy 56, Chauvin, LA on Bayou Petit Caillou, (6090 Hwy 56). End site is  0.3 mi south of Capital One Bank (5160 Hwy 56).

Paddlers may paddle pirogues, canoes, kayaks, paddle-boards or other non-motorized small boats. All paddlers MUST wear life jackets.

Cost: $35 adults 18 and over and $25 children 8-17 yrs. Ages 7 and under are free with a participating parent (with an option to purchase a t-shirt and meal for $10 each). This covers the cost of t-shirt, light breakfast, crawfish for lunch, beverages, souvenir miniature hand carved paddle, insurance, and entertainment.

Rental kayaks, both single and doubles are available on a limited basis for $15 per boat. Must be paid by Pre-registration deadline March 23.

A General Explanation of How the Trip Will Work:

The entire paddle trip is approximately 5 miles. After leaving the launch site, paddlers will have a rest stop at Chauvin Sculpture Garden, and then proceed to the take-out site at a private Terrebonne Parish Government boat launch. Paddlers must then pick up their boats and drive back up the bayou to the Little Caillou Volunteer Fire Department for the post paddle lunch celebration.


Paddlers should arrive at the launch site by 7:15 am to pick up t-shirts and registration packets. Only those who pre-register before March 23 are guaranteed a t-shirt of the size ordered (with their name included with other pre-registered paddlers on the back of shirt) upon arrival. Late registrants may not get a t-shirt if supply runs out. Paddlers must leave their boats at the beginning launch site at the privately owned LLMAP Camp. Paddlers must then drive their vehicles to the TPG boat launch before the event and park there. They will be shuttled back by volunteer drivers using personal vehicles. The last shuttle will leave Terrebonne Parish Government boat launch by 7: 40.


Breakfast snacks and beverages will be available at the launch site. Bottled water will be provided. A crawfish lunch will be served at the fire station along with music and kid’s activities. A volleyball game between the Down da Bayous vs the Up da Bayous will be played after the meal for those interested in participating. Restroom facilities will be available at the start, rest stop, end, and Fire Station.

Non-paddlers are welcomed to participate in all the after-trip activities, and lunches must be purchased by Wednesday, April 4. If supply allows, extra servings may be purchased on site for $10 for 3 lb serving of crawfish and a beverage.

Miscellaneous Information:

If a paddler wants to exit before the trip is over and has someone to pick them up, they may exit at the Chauvin Sculpture Garden or at his/her own property along the bayou. Crawfish lunches served are approximately 3 lbs. per participant. If a participant desires a second serving, tickets are available for $10 while supply lasts.

When driving your vehicle down to the end pick-up site, please limit the number of riders to one or two.

What to Bring:

Gloves, cell phone in waterproof container, sunscreen, lip balm, mosquito repellent, snacks, water bottle, rain gear. Physical Requirements:

Paddling is a very physical activity that requires repeated motions. Prepare your muscles before the trip. Try out your system at least once before the event!

I look forward to seeing you on the water!

For other non-medical emergencies call Kurt @ 856-5268 or Evey @ 804-5155. For other questions, call or text Lee Lee @ 804-5151 or email @lee…